Tropical Cyclone Pam 2nd Anniversary

Today the 13th of March 2017 marks two years anniversary since Tropical Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in 2015. The National Disaster Management Office would like to take the opportunity to remember the destruction, devastation that was caused by the event and particularly those that lost their lives, that were injured and those that were displaced. TC Pam was the strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu and caused widespread damage across the country. The scale of the damage means that the country is still recovering from the effects two years later.

The NDMO continues to work to improve the ability of the country to plan for, prepare for, respond to and recover from such disasters. We would like to remind communities, villages, partner agencies and individuals to remain vigilant during this cyclone season and keep yourself informed of the latest weather forecasts. For community information on preparing for disasters refer the the NDMO website here and for the latest weather forecasts and tropical cyclone outlook see the Vanuatu Meteorology website here.