Logistics Cluster (VLC)

Logistics Cluster (VLC)

 Lead   NDMO
 Co-lead   Oxfam
 Website   Vanuatu Logistics Cluster

The Vanuatu Government made a decision to have a standing National cluster system to enable humanitarian agencies and government to development and implement disaster preparedness activities during peace time. The Vanuatu Logistics Cluster (VLC), led by the NDMO, plays an important role in enhancing logistics preparedness and capacity during peace time, and coordinating logistics for small scale disasters.  The VLC leader receives the tasks regarding warehousing and relief item distribution from the NEOC Logistics Officer and directs the VLC to execute them. The VLC must ensure that tasks are actioned and provide feedback to the NEO on assistance or assets required to carry out the tasks. The VLC must attend the daily NEOC morning briefings to provide input and hear first hand the updated action plan and priorities. The VLC should meet with the NEOC Logistics Officer after the briefing to coordinate the logistics planning for the day.

Roles of the VLC

  • Actions logistics tasks from the NEOC

  • Identifies local resources for surge

  • Coordinates warehouse availability and storage

  • Coordinates receipt/dispatch, tracking and stocktaking of emergency relief items and unsolicited bilateral donations (UBD’s).  

  • Coordinates movements of incoming supplies from ports to warehouse to islands.

  • May coordinate the movement of people

  • Coordinates food and water distributions with the Provincial EOC and community networks.

  • Reports stock and distribution data to the NEOC for sit reps.

  • VLC lead attends the inter-cluster/NEOC morning briefing.